The AgroStore®

The AgroStore®, the first store Rate 0% free of commission payment (current digital stores charge from 18 to 32% between both parties) as well as shipping between AGROS® users without charging commissions, in case the product has Cannabis, allows a division in the collection and sends the payment to the AgroTax® Wallet, the collection being 80/20 because we consider that the Pareto Principle allows us to make a fair distribution, we know that Cannabis is still legalized In the US and Canada there is a gigantic black market, that is why with our system it allows traceability to the operations of each seller and the collection of taxes from the governments being an 80/20 and in this way detonate wealth and peace in our countries . AM4gDKU1judnxoaDdE6nNsog7ZPmauv3sw